Restoration Services

At TBM Cleaning & Restoration, you are in the best hands for Emergency Restoration Services. We get your home and life back on track as fast as possible. Our expertise and equipment get the job done and we work with insurance adjusters to ensure speedy progress.

When disaster strikes your home, quick mitigation is essential in keeping the damage under control and averting even higher costs for restoration!

Water Damage

If your home has been damaged by water due to flooding, plumbing problems or even faulty appliances, we are here to help – with professional equipment and highly trained staff.

Water extraction, professional grade drying equipment and removal & disposal of damaged contents are only part of our service. We know how devastating water damage can be for the homeowner and our trained staff does everything to alleviate the situation – by acting as a liaison between the homeowner and insurance adjusters and by getting the job done fast to avoid mold contamination and odour problems.

After the source of the water damage has been identified and the problem repaired, our trained technicians use specialized equipment to verify water and moisture presence and to ensure that all levels are back to normal. Once normal moisture levels have been reached, refinishing your home is certainly part of our service as well – including drywall, painting and baseboards.

Moisture Detection

Unfortunately, water damage is not always obvious to the eye and leaking plumbing fixtures or faulty appliances can sometimes cause water damage that goes undetected for a while. Increased moisture can then lead to mold growth, which is not only unsanitary, but can also pose a serious health risk at times or cause structural damage to your home.

For a safe and healthy home it is essential to completely neutralize any mold growth – and at TBM Cleaning & Restoration we have the expertise and equipment to detect any moisture and initiate the proper neutralization of mold. We locate the source with our specialized water detection devices and pave the way to get your home dry and healthy in no time!

We act as a liaison between the homeowner and insurance adjusters, to alleviate stress and let you concentrate on your daily life. After all mold is neutralized, refinishing your home is part of our service as well – we will get you back on track!

Moderate Fire and Smoke Damage

Time is of the essence after smoke or fire damage to your home. Left unattended, smoke and soot will settle on all surfaces in your home, potentially causing irreparable damage. That’s why TBM’s fast and professional service is the right choice for restoration – we are here when you need us!

After moderate fire and smoke damage, like a kitchen fire, our trained team of experts removes any damaging particles from your home, ensuring complete restoration without any lingering chemicals or odours. After the initial removal and disposal of damaged contents we also refinish all affected areas, including drywall, paint and baseboards.

And don’t worry about having to deal with insurance adjusters – it’s just another part of our expert service to you!

Asbestos Awareness

TBM Cleaning & Restoration is trained and certified for moderate risk asbestos removal. Asbestos was a very popular building material from the 1950s to the 1990s, due to its fire retardant and insulating properties. It does, however pose a health threat when inhaled – so the proper disposal is a highly regulated process.

In older homes, asbestos can be found in pipe insulation, drywall compound, vinyl floor tiles, roofing and siding shingles as well as vermiculite insulation. Please remember to call in the professionals at TBM Cleaning & Restoration if you are planning on doing any home renovations and you are not sure whether asbestos is present!

We have the expertise to sample and send the materials for assessment and – if needed – properly dispose of any contaminated materials.

Tile and Grout Restoration

Our restoration services don’t always have to be in response to water or fire damage – we are also your first choice for restoring tile and grout lines, to enhance the appearance of your home or your business.

Our powerful tile and grout machine provides exceptional cleaning performance and will simply wash away years of dirt and grime. A hot water steam extraction truck-mounted system powers our professional equipment and we’ll leave your floors clean, dry and looking great – you won’t believe the difference! We can also reseal grout lines for best possible performance after the restoration.

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