Residential Cleaning

Your home is your safety and comfort zone, and at TBM Cleaning & Restoration we help you keep it safe and healthy. Our experienced cleaning professionals put extra care into every job, because we want to make sure your carpets and upholstery looks its best. Just one more reason to choose TBM Cleaning & Restoration for your home.

Carpet Cleaning

Do you know what exactly you can – and should – expect from a professional carpet cleaning job? Have you ever wondered if it is really possible to thoroughly clean a carpet for $5.95 per room, as some companys “specials” advertise? In fact, it’s not possible. Cleaning a carpet professionally takes the right training, equipment, products and dedication – and you can expect all of this from us.

So what should you consider when hiring a carpet cleaning professional? We put together a list for you:

  • trained technicians – preparation is just as important as the actual cleaning and we will take the time to inspect your carpet before cleaning. Depending on wear, stains, type of fiber and traffic patterns, we will make the recommendation that’s right for your carpet.
  • no hidden costs – we inspect it, we provide you with a quote valid for 3 months. No hidden costs and no high pressure sales techniques!
  • safety – we have the professional equipment and products and our team is certified to use them. We always follow manufacturer’s recommendations for best possible results.
  • prevacuuming – generally, about 55% of the soil in carpet are gritty, tracked-in particles. That’s why it is so important for you to remove those particles with a thorough vacuuming before we begin the deep cleaning process.
  • prespraying – it’s important to prespray the carpet with an emulsifier for optimal cleaning results.
  • spotting - we give special attention to spots and stains!
  • thorough cleaning – at TBM Cleaning & Restoration, there is no differentiation between “normal” and “special” clean – clean is clean. We make every effort to clean your carpet as thorough as possible.
  • protector - We use an advanced formula carpet protector, that is safe to use around children and pets and forms an invisible shield that repels most spills and protects your carpet from accelerated resoiling. You will be able to vacuum heavy traffic areas more efficiently and extend the life of your carpet considerably.
  • minimal drying time – even though the drying time will vary with different types of carpet, your carpet should be dry within 24 hours. While you provide sufficient ventilation after the job is done, TBM Cleaning & Restoration will make sure all excess water is removed and your carpet is in optimal condition for quick drying. Our powerful hot water steam extraction truck-mounted system gets the job done – and you don’t have to worry about water damage or mildew growth underneath your carpet.
  • customer satisfaction – we strongly believe in providing you with the best customer service – we put our customers first and always go the extra mile. Your satisfaction is our reward!

If you are thinking about having your carpets cleaned, call TBM Cleaning & Restoration first. Trained staff, reliable service and professional equipment used with environmentally friendly products when possible. We will leave your carpet ph-balanced every time – that’s what you can expect from us, always!

Upholstery Cleaning

When it comes to your upholstery, you can expect the same high standard from us as with your carpets.

Is it time to bring back the freshness and brighten your furniture with thorough upholstery cleaning? Then TBM Cleaning & Restoration is your first choice! The same care and effort goes into each and every one of our cleaning jobs. We can inspect, quote, clean and protect your upholstery.

Our products for protecting your favourite furniture will add an invisible shield, protecting it against spills and stains – and more importantly extending the life of your upholstery. Upholstery cleaning starts as low as $40 – contact us for a free quote today!

Empty House Clean

Our residential services also include complete empty house cleans, including bathrooms, walls, windows, kitchens and floors. A thorough clean from floor to ceiling – contact us for a free quote today!


As professionals, we at TBM strive to provide our customers with the best cleaning results possible. We have highly trained and certified staff, using top of the line equipment and products and the latest industry standards and procedures. We have extensive knowledge and years of experience in carpet care and maintenance.

It is impossible to accurately predict the results of any cleaning procedure because there are always unknown variables. Every effort is made by our staff to provide your family with clean and healthy carpets, but 100% stain and/or odour removal cannot be guaranteed in every situation. Pre-existing conditions may affect our ability to properly complete cleaning. Pre-existing conditions include (but are not limited to): prior damage to materials, age, wear, sun exposure and fading.

TBM is not liable for failure to remove stains, for any discoloration or color loss from non-water fast or unstable dyes, nor for any change in color to the material regardless of the cause. We are also not liable to changes in texture including pile distortion, nor for any dimensional changes that may appear during or after the cleaning and/or protecting process.

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